Present Your Institution to an International Audience

The challenge for Managers and Staff

When your university goes international, you want to attract international students and faculty. Your managers and staff need to be excellent at presenting your institution in a clear and attractive way.

This course can be organised for a group or for individuals.

This course is for Managers and International Office staff who are responsible for representing their institution at international meetings, conference and study abroad fairs.

During the course participants will:

Learn how to make an excellent presentation of their institution in English. Consider the techniques necessary when speaking to an international audience. Develop a professional and attractive presentation to use worldwide.

The Course "Presenting your Institution to an International Audience" can take place in your country or here in Oxford.

This is a 3 or 5 day course depending on how much progress you have already made in preparing your presentation and how much practice you would like in presenting it in English. We can discuss this with you and find the best solution for you.

To enrol or for more information contact:

Julie Dearden, Director, Oxford EMI Training, Oxford, UK.