NPU - Trinity College - Oxford, UK

NPU lecturers came from China to Oxford to learn about the pedagogy and skills needed for English Medium Instruction. They stayed and had the training, carried out by Oxford EMI Ltd, in Trinity College, University of Oxford. A beautiful place for some very important training.
They worked extremely hard for 2 weeks, learning, making connections and creating lessons that were suited to international students with english as their primary or secondary language. NPU is opening their doors to the world through EMI training! Internationalising is the key for the future of education.

Congratulations to this group that has become a team and closer colleagues while in Oxford! They are now in constant communication swapping ideas, feedback and techniques to keep raising the bar in education.
We look forward to seeing more NPU lecturers in November, December and throughout 2019!

Date of event/course: 
Monday, September 17, 2018