ONLINE - EMI Course - Myanmar (November)

We are organising an English Medium Instruction (EMI) course for university lecturers of the University of Yangon, Myanmar.
All times on this course will be Myanmar time.

This course is the first part of a long-term relationship in which Oxford EMI trainers and University of Yangon Faculty will work together to support the implementation of EMI in the university. The course will look at some of the challenges in pedagogy and implementation that EMI lecturers face when a university decides to go international and implement EMI. We will explore the issues facing this particular university and suggest practical teaching skills which help to overcome these.

This course is a Train the Trainer course for the English Faculty who wish to support other University faculty members who are teaching their academic subject (Engineering, Science, Maths, Humanities) through the medium of English. We are therefore working together with the aim of setting up in-house support for the EMI Lecturers.

This initial course will consist of 3 days of training online (taken in one week) using exercises, videos, interactive exercises.

There will be 3 live Zoom sessions with the Oxford EMI trainers in which the participants will receive guidance and lectures and have the opportunity to discuss with the Oxford team their particular context and challenges in order to explore some practical solutions.

Ongoing Support: This course also includes an element of long-term ongoing support. Teachers in Yangon, Myanmar, will be able to decide on how they wish this support to take place. It may take the form of ongoing support for their own training sessions in Yangon, feedback on filmed lectures, ideas for exercises and setting up training and a ‘sounding board’ for their own ideas. Having a professional team on hand to discuss ideas and to support you when you have a challenge in training and teaching can be very valuable.

This course will take place from 5th October to 9th October 2020 and will be held online.
Enrolment is for English Faculty members of the University of Yangon, Myanmar.

If you are interested in organising a Train the Trainer, Creating In-House Support Course please email


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Course start date: 
Monday, November 2, 2020
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