In House Support

A course for English specialists: Supporting EMI Teachers

As more and more institutions decide to go international, academics and staff face the daunting challenge of teaching all or part of their
subject through English Medium Instruction (EMI).

For specialized (English as a Foreign Language) EFL teacher/trainers this implies a changing role. Their language awareness and training
skills mean that they have the potential to be able to support colleagues who are teaching their subjects through English.

This course is for:

Qualified and experienced EFL teacher/trainers who are working in an institution where EMI is being implemented. The goal is to provide an understanding of the needs of the content teachers and their students and to explore ways of offering effective support.

During the course participants will:

Explore the theory behind English Medium Instruction (EMI) Analyse teaching and learning issues from a content teacher’s perspective and propose and explore support strategies and interventions. There will be opportunities for participants to work on their own specific support role and context.

A typical course is five days. This course takes place in your institution or here in Oxford. We are fortunate to be able to hold our courses in the beautiful colleges of Oxford University. We are an independent training organisation with faculty who are usually also teachers at the University of Oxford.

We do not work under the aegis of the University of Oxford. The Oxford EMI Training Certificate is awarded on successful completion of the course.

To enrol or for more information contact:

Julie Dearden, Director, Oxford EMI Training, Oxford, UK.