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EMI Courses in Oxford

EMI Courses in Oxford

Academic and teachers from HEIs around the world come for EMI courses in Oxford. These courses are held in the beautiful colleges of the University of Oxford.

We have recently welcomed university academics from Tsinghua University, North China Electric Power University, Northwestern Polytechnical University from Xi'an, in China, International Christian University, Fukuoka University in Japan. We have also worked with European Universities: University of Oviedo in Spain and the Grande Ecole des Mines d'Ales, France...   

EMI for University Lecturers Course

The EMI for University Lecturers course is a 1 or 2-week course held in Oxford.                                                                                                          We have Courses in March, September and November and other dates can be planned by request.

This course is for academics, lecturers and supervisors in Higher Education who teach their subject in English. Participants teach academic disciplines such as Business, Finance, Engineering, Sciences, Humanities. They teach Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral students.

Participants need to be able to participate in English (B2) but their English can be 'global' English. It doesn't need to be perfect.

The aim of this course is to give participants the tools to deal with the challenges of teaching and learning through a foreign language. Participants learn the teaching techniques needed to teach an international class. These techniques make lectures more comprehensible, interactive and motivating for international and home students.

Participants practise teaching a mini session using the new techniques they have learnt and receive feedback from the Oxford trainers.

In a 1 or 2-week course in Oxford there is time to discover the beautiful and historic city and University of Oxford.

Developing In-house EMI Support

This course is for experienced Teacher Educators and English Teachers. Participants learn about EMI issues, research into EMI, models for implementing EMI, and to explore ways of creating their own in-house support for EMI in their institutions.

Presenting Your HEI to an International Audience

This course is bespoke. It is for International Office staff, Directors of Studies, Rectors who are responsible for Internationalisation. Participants represent their institution at conferences, meetings and Study Abroad fairs and are responsible for attracting international students, TNEs, the strategy of their institution. Participants prepare and practise presenting their institution in English. This course ensures that particpants have a professional and attractive presentation to take home for their institution.

I was so nervous before coming to Oxford. Now I am confident that I can present my institution in English

Where will I stay?

Classes take place in famous Oxford buildings such as Oxford University colleges. We hold courses in Trinity College, St Antony's College, The Queen's College, Hertford College and St Catherine's College. Oxford EMI Training is an organisation which contracts with colleges for the use of facilties but does not work under the aegis of the University of Oxford.

Participants stay in the Oxford Colleges or in hotels in Oxford depending on their preference and also the time of year. Oxford EMI will organise accommodation for groups coming to courses in Oxford. 

OXFORD EMI Certificate

Oxford EMI Certificates are awarded on successful completion of the above courses.

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