Courses for University lecturers and teachers

Is your university or school going international?

When your institution decides to go international, your academics face the daunting challenge of teaching all or part of their academic subject through English Medium Instruction (EMI).

The challenge for academics

Through our EMI research and teaching we have seen how challenging and difficult teaching through EMI can be: lecturing or teaching is not the same as speaking at a conference or reading an academic paper.

Research and teaching

Our EMI courses are based on research evidence. We have taught courses in many different countries and welcome the chance to work with you and your institution.

We come to you or you come to Oxford! Our EMI courses can be hosted:

At your institution

We have worked with teachers from many countries; Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, France, Austria, Italy, Russia…

The hosting institution provides the participants from various disciplines and institutions, arrival information and a classroom. We do the rest! We provide the trainer and the course, all materials, transport and accommodation for the trainers.

In Oxford

We are fortunate to be able to hold our courses in the beautiful colleges of Oxford University. We are an independent training organisation with faculty who are usually also teachers and researchers at the University of Oxford.

This course is for academics who have varying experience in the classroom and who teach or are going to teach through EMI. You need to be able to understand but you do not have to speak perfect English.

During the course participants will:

Explore the theory behind English Medium Instruction (EMI) Share practical teaching and lecturing skills. Participants may bring their own lecture materials with them to work on.

The courses are usually 1 or 2 weeks.

A typical price for tuition for 6 nights in your country or in Oxford is £1,100 (GB pounds) per participant.

The Oxford EMI Certificate is awarded on successful completion of the course.

In-house support for EMI

We work closely with institutions and teachers who want to set up their own in-house EMI support. We can provide consultancy and Train the Trainers courses and provide ongoing support to your faculty and staff.

To enrol or for more information contact:

Julie Dearden, Director, Oxford EMI Training, Oxford, UK.