EMI Courses for University lecturers

"This is the best professional development course I have ever done. It was great to be taught EMI pedagogy by Oxford experts."

Do you teach an international class? Are you involved in HE TNEs ?


Oxford EMI Courses for University Lecturers

When a HE Institution internationalises, sets up a TNE programme and attracts international students, it becomes necessary to teach some or all of the academic subjects through English.

Teaching Engineering, Sciences, Business, Finance, Maths, Social Sciences, Humanities in English demands a knowledge of English Medium Instruction (EMI) pedagogy and teaching techniques.

English Medium Instruction (EMI) poses a challenge to teaching at HE level as the skills needed to lecture to a large lecture hall of international students are not the same as speaking at a conference! 

Our courses are for academics with or without experience in teaching through EMI.

Participants need a B2 (CEFR) level to participate in this course but they do not need to speak perfect English!

Academic Research

All our EMI courses are based on research evidence into EMI in Higher Education. Our team comprises respected EMI researchers. Their work informs the training courses.

Practical and Useful EMI pedagogy

Our courses are very practical and provide lecturers with teaching tips and techniques which they can easily integrate and use in their own teaching.  

Online: Work online and join us for Oxford Live sessions

You can join an Oxford EMI Certificate for University Lecturers course online. You will work online and join us for Oxford Live sessions.


Face-to-face: At your institution

The Oxford EMI training team travels and trains university teachers in countries around the world. The hosting institution provides the participants from various disciplines and institutions, arrival information and a classroom. We do the rest!

We provide the trainer and all course materials including certificates.

In Oxford

We are fortunate to be able to hold our courses in the beautiful colleges of Oxford University. We are an independent training organisation with faculty who are teachers and researchers themselves. We understand the context of Higher Education.

During the course participants will:

  • Explore the theory behind English Medium Instruction (EMI)
  • Share practical teaching and lecturing skills.
  • Gain complete confidence to teach an EMI class.

Oxford EMI Certificate for University Lecturers

The Oxford EMI Certificate is awarded on successful completion of the course.  

Building In-House support

Building In-House Support is a 3-day course for English Teachers or Teacher Trainers within a HE institution who are capable of becoming a support system for other teachers within their organisation. Participants are awarded the Oxford EMI Certificate for University Language Teachers.

To enrol or for more information contact: info@oxfordemi.co.uk

Julie Dearden, Director, Oxford EMI Training, Oxford, UK.